[MISC] Diary

Toto’s diary about his work on the website tototrans’ updates :
for those who wish to know about the evolution of the website and the projects.

When the pace of a day is written in advance, it means that it is my estimation, but not sure at all. When 100% of a chapter is done, it means release.

estimation begin:{
-4/18/15: Half Chapter, release chapter 22

-4/17/15: Half Chapter, release chapter 21, Half Chapter

-4/16/15: Half Chapter

-4/15/15: Half Chapter, release chapter 20

-4/14/15: Last settings on this new domain that works because of Ren’s help. Half chapter

-4/13/15: Ren helped with trouble with site.

-4/12/15: Trouble with site

-4/11/15 (fired up pace): 100% chapter done Chapter 19 out.

-4/10/15 (balanced pace): A lot of polls (took me some time but was fun to do), 40% chapter done, chapter 18 out.

-4/9/15 (balanced pace): 40% chapter done

-4/8/15 (balanced pace): 20% chapter left finished, chapter 17 out. 20% chapter done.

-4/7/15 (balanced pace): about 50% chapter done. (est)

-4/6/15 (slow~balanced pace): about 30% chapter done.

-4/5/15 (slow pace): 20% left of the chapter 16 finished and out. Worked on the manhua.

-4/4/15 (balanced pace): about 40% chapter done.

-4/3/15 (balanced pace): about 40% chapter done.

-4/2/15 (break day): Just a day of break after this first full paced day.

-4/1/15 (full paced translation): Did too many things. Took a day off (from university+part time work) to deal with the website and do what I did on April 1st. Only good memories though. Oh and 3 chapters finished on the same day, released up to 15. About 230% chapter done.

-3/31/15 (slow pace): Links page, a lot of time was spent on doing it. Sorry, I didn’t TL a lot.

-3/30/15 (balanced pace day): half part 1 chapter 13

– 3/28/15 and 3/29/15 (two balanced pace day): Chapter 12 done (about half 28th, half 29th).

3/20/15 to 3/27/15 : update of the diary may become weekly (it started to grow too big); chapters 7 to 11 finished, and every category of the website has been simplified (I’ve been really babbling too much at the beginning, I felt ashamed after reading over a lot of things I had written). Oh and I contacted the team who translated the manhwa Shen Yin Wang Zuo, it is really a bunch of good guys. v2 on chapters up to 9 or 10 I think, also.

3/19/15 (break day): I transformed each chapter release article into page, plus each footnote has been “activated” (only one side though, I am a bit lazy with the html, it’s not the programming language I am the most eager of using), and each chapter read over. I will try to do more or less “daily posts” about the translation work done on the day, more or less every day I work on my projects, now that the project chapter pages have been done (plus it is now easier to post/update new chapters on pages than article in my opinion).

3/18/15 (balanced pace) : half chapter 7 done (actually a little more, but I didn’t notice until it was done), and spent some time to learn to do footnotes (actually, I spent at least one hour trying to put plugins on the website, before I read that it was impossible in wordpress.com website *ashamed*)

3/17/15 (balanced pace) : Half left chapter 6 finished. Stuff I say there.

3/16/15 (balanced pace) : A lot of corrections have been applied to chapter 4 and 2/3 of chapter 5, with the help of Zeke. A little more than half of chapter 6 done. Great odds that I finish it tomorrow.

3/15/15 (fired up pace : to show my gratitude, because I received a lot of kind comments since the creation of the website) : One chapter done : chapter 5, and chapters 2 and 3 edited to their version 2 (lot of corrections :  for the sentences to flow better, about some inconstancies, about some awkward parts…) with the help of my new proofreader Zeke.

3/14/15 (balanced pace) : Translated the 1/2 left for chapter 4 and about 10% chapter 5, and went out to play with friends (obviously, else I would have probably translated much more, because one some Saturday, I have afternoon part-time work, but not this one :D), and version 4 of chapter 1 edited with the help of Zeke : he helps me mainly on sentences that don’t flow well, unclear parts,

3/13/15 (balanced pace) : Worked on trying to put myself on mangaupdates (cf edits [SYWZ] chap 4), and translated 1/2 of chapter 4.

3/12/15 (balanced pace) : Quickly added a diary in this site (I thought it would be an interesting idea, plus original, let me know your thoughts about this if you don’t mind :)), that will be updated every few days. 1/2 left of the chapter 3 of [SYWZ] finished + a few sentences of chapter 4 translated

3/11/15 (balanced pace) : Got the help of goodguyperson on the edit of [SYWZ] chapter 1. I took out BTTH project from the website because I felt like a ‘project snatcher’ towards my own translation team. Translated 1/2 of the chapter 3 of [SYWZ].

3/10/15 (fired up pace : reddit brought me so many views) : Translated all chapter 2.

3/9/15 (fired up pace : new project [SWYZ]) : Did a long preliminary article about chinese prononciation, in order to prepare the way I plan on dealing with pinyin and raw technical words/proper names, and to try to put a bit of something else than translations. Translated the 2/3 left for chapter 1 of [SYWZ].

3/8/15 (fired up pace : new project [SWYZ]) : Translated the 2/3 left for [BTTH] chapter 26 and decided to get started on [SYWZ], translated 1/3 of chapter 1.

3/7/15 (balanced pace) : Translated a little more than 1/3 of [BTTH] chapter 26. Joined Gravitytranslations for the project [BTTH].

3/6/15 (fired up pace: website’s creation) Translated [BTTH] chapter 25.

3/5/15 (very fired up pace: fired up by the website’s creation) Read all the novel [BTTH] in Chinese up to chapter 30 (that took way longer than translating a chapter I think lol) + Did fast summary of chapters 7 -> 20 + more detailed seperated summaries of chapters 20 -> 24 + began doing a draft paper for the translation of chapter 25.

3/4/15 : Decided to work on [BTTH] as a temporary project after having taking a look at a lot of novels.

3/3/15 : Creation of the website.

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