[Not a TL] Links page, and reading list

Hi. This is the links page that I really wanted to do. I’ll add it to the menu later. The glossary will also be added soon. It is somewhat more or less done, but not very well organized yet.

But this links page is also it is also… a reading list page, that I have just begun to do, and I am currently filling.

Why did I want to do a reading list? Well, I am a translator, but I’m also an eager reader! So I wanted to share the novels I liked, and also to hear about your recommendations. Don’t worry, I’m still spending more time translating than reading, and I plan to continue to, but a nice reading list is always a good thing to have, so I’ll look forward for your future recommendations, that I’ll look at when I’ll have the time, and probably add some to the list.
And if you want something to read, feel free to take a look at my little list.

The page is not very filled yet, but you’ll see, one day, it will be. Yeah I’ll try to make it pretty big.

  • Nevaritius

    Sounds cool 🙂

  • Kyra

    Here to check the time. Would recommend having a date and time of your time zone so that eager people out there won’t need to refresh pages every 5 minutes.

    • GTM+1, it is in the first sentence in the pace page from the menu.