I’m back!

The new site on our new host is online, and now, all we have left to do should be to link the pages together.


Ready for a bright future! Enjoy the latest chapters of Shen Yin Wang Zuo.

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    yeeeeeee :DD

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    Why not just move the translations on to a bigger site, such as WW or GT? There’ll be better publicity, you won’t have to worry about maintenance and you’ll be able to get/give help with your/other’s work.

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    Welcome back!!

    Welcome back! πŸ™‚

    yeeeeeee :DD

    that were posted within the few minutes after the site went online disappeared during the set up of disqus. My apologies.

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    Welcome back ! The new design of the website is … lighter than the last one. I wish you less trouble than with the last one.

    • Thank you!

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        Awesome, but I’d wish if we could choose or put a dimer web design. White consumes a lot more power than a dim background. Well it’s just food for thoughs or for saving energy. I’m really happy that it works well again. Just in case you’re searching for rooms of improvements!

        Thank you so much for keeping up!

        • reaper_unique

          Unless you have an OLED that statement is incorrect. conventional LCD or LED lit screens work by shining a light from behind the panel onto the pixels in front. A black screen “blocks” the light. Just put on a black screen in a completely dark screen. Of course these days that is a very basic way of explaining how a screen works since there are different techniques in use to lower power consumption. I can however guarantee you that you will save a lot more money AND energy by putting your thermostat a degree lower.

          • leopold1983

            so if he puts letter in white and background in black. Will the led lit pixels for it to be black? How do you have black?
            Isn’t it by not litting this part of the screen? Or do you need power to make black pixel on your screen?

            If you are not litting the led you are saving power? No? Even if it is a tiny bit it’s still saving energy more than having a white blackground.
            Now scale this tiny bit of energy saved by the number of readers screen. It could be more significant. Well, that’s my point of view.

          • leopold1983

            Oh sorry, you meant that there is only one light source behind the pixels and that it’s fixed. So even if it’s dark you’ll still need the light behind to work. My bad.

            I’m so uneducated. After some research you were right. But even though if we could choose to switch from white to black it could help save energy depending on our screen for a couple of coding.

            after some research this is what I read:
            “If you have a standard LCD, a white background saves more energy.
            If you have a smart LCD with dynamic brightness, black is more efficient.
            If you have an LED screen, white is probably the more efficient choice.
            If your LED screen has dynamic brightness, choose black.
            If you have a device with an OLED display, black will save much more energy.
            If you’re still using a CRT, get a new monitor!”

        • Kaarme

          I have a Firefox plugin that can be used to reverse black and white when needed. So, I can read with black background and white text. It’s not about saving energy but it can be easier for tired eyes. All it takes is pressing a keyboard shortcut, so I use it regularly.

  • Great to be back!!! Hope all your website troubles are over.
    New design of the site looks great, all sleek and what not

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    Alright! We are back to business! It must have been a huge bother, but chances are you learned something new as well sorting it all out. Nobody is born a powerhouse of the 9th step, after all. Gotta go through a lot to get there, not all of it nice.

    • Thanks a lot for your words of support!

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    OMG!!! Its 1 am here so i m not sure if i m dreaming. IT IS JUST TOO GOOD!!!!
    i was just checking the website by accident (obviusly i didn t check the website almost 5 times per day) and here it is πŸ˜€
    pd. Welcome back, is good to see you around :,3

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