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The current rate is 50EUR – 55 DOL for a bonus chapter within 24h. There will still be regular chapters when the bar is not filled (which means ~2-3 times slower releases), and thus at least 2-4 weekly chapters. Regular chapter should take 2~3 days to come out, when the bar is below 100%, while bonus chapters will take a few hours to 24h at most.

Note: Rate has gone from 50 EUR to 60 EUR since chapters’ length increased from 2XXX words to 3XXX.

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  • Branden Olson

    I don’t mind it. Hopefully you don’t get burnt out! If you buy the novels can we get some pictures of them?

    • Alright :). with pleasure!!

  • Madhu89

    I can’t seem to be able to donate for some reason I am getting failure, also its not in English.

    • Oh my bad, thanks for the information, I’m gonna correct try to correct that!
      By the way what is your error message please?

  • Wu

    How about a donation bar? Same as Ren so we know when there’s bonus chapter or not haha

  • Sarlisark

    Well, i would actually like to donate, but since i do not own a credit card and do not intend to change that, would there be some other way to donate?

    • carlos

      PayPal does the trick. You only need your debit and a PayPal account

  • Wanga


    I wanted to get in touch as I am in the process of creating a platform in which translators can increase their popularity and reach a much larger audience by sharing their reader base with each other. We are making a platform to benefit translators, they each get to create ‘mini sites’ which will host their content alongside other translators within the same genre. We are not looking to take anything from you and on the site each translator can use ads & donation buttons on all translations provided, however reaching a much larger combined audience. I would like to talk with you more about this in detail.

    Please let me know if you have interest?

    I hope to hear from you soon

    • Zen

      Is there something going on? As a reader I would love an aggregated site, but I suppose it would be hard for the translators to split ad revenue on that eh?

  • kyosukedeiknives

    This place really needs a donation bar…

  • Kennith McPhee

    Please update! The suspense is killing me and going through the raws are horrible.

  • Matthew Mather

    Yo, broad gonna keep ya busy just funded 3 chapters =P (thought it was 60usd per…)

    • molita

      Im curious if you pay for 3 chapter does it take 3 day to go out or does it take only one but around 8hour each ??? by the way thanks for buying the chapter im a fan and i can’t aford the price so thanks …

      • Matthew Mather

        no idea, does say on the donation page if the bar gets filled 200% that both chapters will come out same day.

        • molita

          thanks for the reply and for the chapters XD. You probably dont know yet but after today you will know right. After all you know how many new chapter where realease since you pay for them so you can answer me in 3 day if you want XD by the way sorry for my English since its not my first language I probably write like hell …

          • Thanks a lot for the ~2 chapters you founded Matbro. Well, it depends about when I start, but I can generally do up to 1.5 chapter a day, which means 2 chapters in the same day is possible when the bar is above 200% for some time (because the second chapter when there is is generally like started on a day, finished on the next one). At least, there will be two chapter this week end and a good part of the next one started/done as well! So the fact you filled this bar to above 1 chap is meaningful since I will translate at least 50% more (in particular because we are in weekend) than if it was only at one chapter.

          • molita

            by the way if youre looking for people to translate in french i could try from the English version you write but im probably take like at least 1 week by chapter (im a student so i dont have a lot of free time)

          • Well, if you or someone wants to translate it, I don’t mind at all, and think it would be quite a good thing, especially since I come from France as well, but if you dont have a lot of free time as a student, I think you should spend it doing something you enjoy, so as to at least evacuate your stress.

          • Matthew Mather

            About austin griffon, do you know where the whole demon world/demon god stuff came from? i dont recall it ever saying or hinting that HY’s original world was in fact the demon world, only that he destroyed it (which im guessing that the fact that the destroyed world that is HY’s being the demon world is the basis which people think he may be a/the demon god) would like to know if i missed something or of peeps are filling in non existent blanks…

            also not a big deal but this is my second time donating (third chapter funding) and this time around i could not find the part on your page about how to be accredited (noticed that for this chapter i was not) which really isnt too big a deal but i do forsee myself likely donating again in the future perhaps you should include the instructions in an easier to find location? (or maybe i’m just blind x.x)

          • leonT

            Based on where the novel currently is, in no place have they stated that HY is the demon lord. The only things that have made people think so are the fact that he destroyed his homeplace and that he scared away the three demon gods with just his roar

            By the way, thanks alot for donating. I really appreciate it as i am currently unable to afford at the moment

          • Matthew Mather

            Yeah but peeps were saying so before the part where HY scared off the demon gods hence why I’m curious as to what I’m missing, however with the happenings in 186 it seems there is basis in those claims.

            I’m just curious how those peeps figured it out (or perhaps lucky guessing?)

          • leonT

            Yeah it was most likely lucky guessing. I had also kind of made those presumptions myself

          • Matthew Mather

            yar that was what i was thinking… though kind of annoys me that people had 1. assumed HY’s world was the demon world and talking like it was fact, 2. because their assumptions may actually be right (despite the prior lack of evidence)

          • leonT

            Ooh yeah, I get what you’re saying

          • bob

            dont have to wrry about him destroying the humans.cuase blood contract.

          • molita

            If i try to translate where can i send them to you so you could post them on your site ??? ps your bigest donor (i think) have a suggestion for you for making the paiment easier … better read it XD

          • molita

            Finalement j’ai essayer un peu … ca m’a pris moins de 4 h mais bon étant donné que je parle le français Québécois et non de France il se peut que le vocabulaire utilisé varie un peu ( on est un peu plus souple pour les anglicismes ) donc dis moi ou je peut te l’envoyer …. ps ca ne compte pas comme un chapitre payé car c’est moi qui l’ait fait et je ne reçoit pas d’argent pour donc …. Également il est rendue 1h45 am donc des fautes ont pu se glisser …. mais au final c’est certainement moins dure que de transcrire du chinois a l’anglais…

          • “ps your bigest donor (i think) have a suggestion for you for making the paiment easier … better read it XD” – what do you mean?

            If you want to send it to me do it at, then I’ll ask some readers if they are interested by the idea of having it released on the same site.

          • molita

            i did it where could i sent it to you ???

  • molita

    So you funded the new chapter?? so that we can thank him…
    Qui a payé pour le nouveau chapitre ?? pour qu’on puisse le remercier..

    • molita

      who founded sorry 1am in the morning my spelling was horrible

  • molita

    So no new’s about the french traduction…. how long before youre gona give me some update ???

  • uberfridgeking

    I donated yesterday and am just wondering did ye get it or did I bork it up?

    • uberfridgeking

      Never mind its all good

  • Why do the donate page in french? Btw how do we see the progress bar?

  • Anthony Federico

    donated 2 days ago and no update on the tracker or anything can’t find a way to contact you at all so im going to have to leave messages on all the comment pages i can find on this site.

    • Oh sorry, ever since getting in china, I generally check donation at the time of every release, so don’t worry, since your donation was after the last release, I just hadn’t seen it yet. I couldn’t check often enough because of the necessity of a VPN to access gmail, hope you understand.

      Thanks a lot for your donation! It will be updated pretty soon. And as usual, filled queue = granted 24h chapter ;).

      • PS: My VPN (hidemyass is really far from being perfect in china) managed to connect, so I’ll be able to update the google sheet of donation! 🙂

  • Easykill

    I have zero interest in any of the ads here, and donating larger lump sums sometimes is harder to budget, although I have donated before. I could give a few dollars a month if you got a patreon tho.