Novel Reviews

Coiling Dragon by I Eat Tomatoes. ***** [CD]
[CD] Good points: Godlike update speed. Linley’s personality (emotive, strong-willed, hot blooded…) is very likable and suitable to making the novel exciting, his evolutions (strength, status…) and his adventures are addictive and something I never grow tired of (he has various strengths, various opponents, various talents, various skills… nothing is really so repetitive). A great action novel, with a lot of fights and suspense, despite the slow start (which is also pretty interesting imo, because the world is really developed in-depth; great factor of immersion).

Stellar Transformations by I Eat Tomatoes. ****+ [ST]
[ST] Good points: The story and the world created by IET are very interesting in stellar transformations. MC’s “original” powers in his words (kinda hidden-class like) are just so exciting to see used in fight as well as to see evolved. Fights are exciting. Suspense in IET style; you can never predict what is going to happen. Cultivation and training system are really original. The “worlds” are well developed, and the story is diversified, it’s kinda like, first level cleared -> second level in another place and with new chars, second level cleared -> the same with third level…

Swallowed Star by I Eat Tomatoes. **** [SS]
[SS] Good points: MC is IET-like, thus great. Apocalyptic world; concept used well by IET. “Money” aspect is really realistic, it has really value and is really important for characters for the first time in a TL-ed work of IET, thus fi. Fight are exciting, and MC’s abilities too. Well to summarize it, it is a Science Fiction novel with IET style, so if you liked IET-works, you will find it nice and refreshing.