Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 019

Chapter 19: Knights’ Sacred Mountain (III)

“The Knights’ Sacred Mountain is a place where our Knight Temple raises various kinds of magical beasts. In the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, there is a peculiarity discovered by our ancestor from the Alliance three thousand years ago. That place is very good for the growth of magical beasts and will reduce their wild nature. Taming them becomes really easy. A young knight just needs to be approved by one of them and then he can take it away, making it his mount. It is also one of the best privileges our Knight Temple has, just like the enchanted equipment that a young genius mage from the Mage Temple can receive. But you should know that among those in our Knight Alliance’s top ranks, all of them visited the Knight’s Sacred Mountain.”

Long Hao Chen’s dark blue eyes immediately lit up, “What if all of the magical beasts from the Knights’ Sacred Mountain are tamed?”

Li Xin couldn’t help laugh: “How can it be so easy?! In our entire Knight Temple, if there are a few tens of Knights below 20 years old in the same year, it is already not bad, and sometimes, there are not even ten knights. Also, at the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, there is a great summoning array that seems to be able to connect to a particular place from which a magical beast will be summoned from after a time interval. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the Knights’ Sacred Mountain having a shortage of magical beasts. That said, on the mountain, there are even ninth step magical beasts. If one can get a ninth rank magical beast, it can be considered equivalent to having reached at least the seventh step of the vocation.”

Long Hao Chen asked: “Elder Sister, at which step is your Rose Unicorn?”

Li Xin proudly answered: “My Rose is, at the moment, a fifth step magical beast, but it isn’t mature yet. After it has grown up, it can attain the seventh step at the least, with power equivalent to someone with a sixth step vocation [1]. Your elder sister will also become at least a sixth step Radiant Knight, so you should double your efforts too haha.”

“Yeah, then I’ll double my efforts with my first goal set to becoming qualified to visit the Sacred Mountain.”

The mission was easy to complete. With the protection of a Genuine Knight who had already visited the Mountain: it wasn’t a difficult task at all for a second step knight who could use [Divine Obstruction] to kill ten magical beasts. After only half a day, the task was accomplished. He got 25 gold coins and his first entry of completed mission on his adventurer certificate.

Sometimes, a new meeting was truly a wonderful thing. That was how Li Xin felt: she really liked her new little brother; not only did she help him with his mission, she also accompanied him to the Town of Odin located more than 100 kilometers (200 Li) apart from Hao Yue City and they were both very reluctant to part.

It would soon be night and, looking at the red-colored sunset at the horizon, Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but show a triumphant smile: “Teacher gave me two days to complete a mission, but I only needed one. Let’s go back home to see Mother, and then I’ll go back to the summit of the mountain tomorrow morning to surprise Teacher.”

Thinking about it, he jubilantly headed home, but at the same time, his head is filled with envy, reminiscing about the beautiful reddish silhouette of the Rose Unicorn. How fantastic would it be if he could, in the future, have a magical beast as his mount! Long Hao Chen clearly knew that it would have been impossible for him to pass the examination if Li Xin had ridden her Unicorn.

Filled with this sentiment of admiration, he quickly saw his cottage. To give a good surprise to his mother, he gently and stealthily opened the entrance door. But after a single step inside, he became dumbstruck.

His pair of blue eyes instantly became dull and his whole body couldn’t help trembling.

Because of his mental strength that is different from ordinary people’s, Long Hao Chen had, generally, a calmer attitude than people of the same age. But at this moment, he couldn’t control himself at all. In from of him was the most unimaginable scene he could ever dream of.

Bai Yue was in the courtyard, but was seated on a man’s lap. This man was the one who had a place second only to his mother’s in his heart; the one who enabled him to become, within a single year, a Standard Knight. Teacher Xing Yu.

“You, you[2]… …” Long Hao Chen stood there, completely speechless; his mind was completely blank at this moment.

“Chen Chen.” Bai Yue tried to stand up from Xing Yu’s lap, but he suddenly held her in his arms and a thin light appeared, making her seemingly unable to move and even to speak.

Xing Yu stood up, moving Bai Yue on the side, and gave a cold look to Long Hao Chen.

“Why? Why are you bullying my mother?” Long Hao Chen stood there, shouting hysterically. Right after, he took out his pair of refined-iron swords. His eyes had become very red.

Xing Yu’s wrist slightly moved and used a mysterious trick. In his right hand appeared a bamboo sword. With his left hand placed behind his body and his sword’s tip turned towards the ground, he faintly said: “Come.”

There was nothing left of the excited mood Long Hao Chen had been in; instead, despair, agony, hate, and all sorts of negative feelings were rising in him.

“Aah!!!” Long Hao Chen let out a cry, charging towards Xing Yu. This time, he didn’t use any skills, just swinging his both swords, going all out against Xing Yu.

He didn’t know Xing Yu’s actual strength nor his speed at all; in fact, it was impossible for him to match his teacher. However, Teacher bullied Mother and because he discovered that there was this kind of matter between the two people who had the biggest places in his heart, there wasn’t an ounce of reason left in him.

Bang — —

With a little swipe from the bamboo sword in Xing Yu’s hand, it was as if Long Hao Chen was crushed by a mountain; he was sent flying backwards, falling in the courtyard.

“What did I teach to you? Regardless of what kind of foe you are facing, even if it is me, you have to remain calm.” said Xing Yu faintly.

At this moment, Long Hao Chen still listened to his lesson: his body crawled and rolled on the ground; his heart was filled with hate and he felt betrayed; all the blood in his whole body seemed to be burning. He charged once more without the least bit of hesitation.

[Pure White Edge], [Thorny Charge]. Using an enhanced charge, he launched his most powerful attack.

However, it was completely useless.

Xing Yu used spiritual energy at the same level as Long Hao Chen’s. He had a mere bamboo sword in his hand, and it was a very thin one, but it hit at the weakest spots on Long Hao Chen’s sword that was swung at full power.

The bamboo sword collided and the shock reached both of Long Hao Chen’s hands. His iron swords fell on the ground, letting out two Puff sounds. Long Hao Chen also fell back, his bottom sitting on the ground.

“Argh — –” It didn’t stop at that. Long Hao Chen, still in pain, even without weapons, charged like a mad tiger once more towards Xing Yu.

Xing Yu’s brow wrinkled, the bamboo sword thrust forward straight towards Long Hao Chen’s stomach. However, Long Hao Chen didn’t even try to avoid it and directly jumped towards the sharp point of the sword.

Xing Yu had a fright; although it was only a bamboo sword, it was still sharp. Without anything protecting Long Hao Chen’s body, even if he wasn’t killed, he would still be greatly wounded. Thus, he subconsciously stopped the bamboo sword and let Long Hao Chen dash against his body.

Without hesitation, Long Hao Chen bit Xing Yu’s arm.

At Xing Yu’s level, it would have been easy to get rid of him, but he didn’t move. Letting Long Hao Chen’s teeth ruthlessly sink into his arm, his only reaction was the one of wincing slightly.

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1. I am sure I didn’t mistranslate. But isn’t it contradictory, then, will you ask? Because magical beast are supposed to be stronger then humans at the same step. Well two suppositions:
-either magical beast that can qualify to become a mount/companion are (sometimes) weaker; seems legit because to be tamed, it is logical that the beast shouldn’t be too ferocious.
-or higher step vocations become stronger than magical beasts of the same step.

2. (TL: the first you is at singular form and the second one is at plural form)
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        How ‘was seated on a man’s lap’ can be considered a bullying?
        Even for 10 yo, not to mention that his mentality is clearly better 0_o

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