Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 020 part 1

Chapter 20: Knights’ Sacred Mountain (IV)

Affected by Xing Yu’s scent that gave him an intimate feeling, Long Hao Chen started crying, he couldn’t control his tears that suddenly started to drip. Then, he let his mouth loose. Looking at the place on Xing Yu’s armpit where he bit, it was bleeding and had a bite mark. He shouted with a hoarse voice: “WHY? WHY DON’T YOU KILL ME?”

“Because I am your father.”

With a simple sentence, Long Hao Chen’s face full of anger suddenly calmed down, his whole person stood motionless, his eyes looking straight at Xing Yu.

“What, what did you say you were?” Long Hao Chen showed a dull face that was gradually being filled with unbelief.

Long Xing Yu sighed and took a step forward, pulling him into his bosom and tightly hugging him, “I am, I am your father, the father you had never met before. Xing Yu is my name, you have your surname from me, we are both ‘Long’.” After he said these words, his hand released a white light, untying the restriction on Bai Yue’s body.

Bai Yue quickly rushed at them, pulling Long Hao Chen from Long Xin Yu’s bosom, glaring at him, “Are you mad? You just frightened me to death.”

Long Xing Yu laughed: “I just wanted to test Hao Chen’s ability to keep his calm during fights in all circumstances, but from what I saw, you are his biggest weak spot.”

“Mother, he, is he really?…” Only at this moment did Long Hao Chen react, all his negative emotions turned into shock, and he gave his mother a flabbergasted look.

Bai Yue gently nodded, “I am sorry, Chen Chen. Mother didn’t tell you until now, but a year ago, your father found us. He hoped that you could become a knight as formidable as him and thus we hid from you the fact that he came back.”

Long Xing Yu acquiesced and nodded, “It seems that no matter how much one plans things out, life always intervenes (Footnote: chinese idiom, 人算不如天算). I was afraid that after you knew that I am your father, you wouldn’t put in effort anymore, and that I wouldn’t manage to discipline you.”

Long Hao Chen gave his mother a dull look. The words his father just said were the most unexpected things he had heard in his life. For as long as he could remember, he only had his mother by his side.

Bai Yue gently caressed her son’s head, unable to stop her tears, “Sorry, Hao Hao. In the past, you mother didn’t say anything to you regarding this matter. Ten years ago, a very painful thing happened to your mother and she didn’t know at all how to face your father, so she had to leave her native place and come here. At that moment, I discovered that I was already pregnant with you. Don’t blame your father, everything is my fault. He had to painstakingly look for us, mother and child, for nine years. If you have to hate someone, hate me.”

The expression Long Xing Yu’s eyes showed to this mother and son was complex as he gently said: “Yue, this is already over. All the pain has already left us. Don’t think about these painful memories anymore, okay?”

Bai Yue nodded, she was sobbing: “Last year I promised you that for your sake, for Hao Chen’s sake, I’d free myself from those unbearable memories. I will devote my future life only to the both of you. During these years, Hao Chen must have suffered a lot because of me. Honestly, I don’t really want him to become a knight like you, I just want him to live safely.”

Long Xing Yu frowned, showing once more a complex expression in his eyes, subconsciously holding his fists, seemingly in an intense internal struggle.

Long Hao Chen gradually came back to his senses and took a look at his mother, then at his father, his eyes revealing a fiery look.

“No, Mother, I want to become a knight. To become a formidable knight.”

Long Xing Yu was stunned. He was previously really wavering, wondering whether what he was doing was right. He was well aware that for both Bai Yue and Long Hao Chen’s sake, a peaceful life would be, by far, the best choice possible.

Xing Yu showed a wry smile: “Will you recognize an irresponsible father like me?”

“No, you are not responsible at all. It’s my fault, everything is my fault.” Bai Yue’s tears, which had just stopped, immediately resumed flowing.

“Father!” Breaking free from his mother’s embrace, Long Hao Chen fiercely threw himself on Long Xing Yu’s bosom. At this moment, he only felt true happiness.

He was a mere child, a ten years old child. Although he never said it to Bai Yue, every time he saw those little kids and their fathers together in Odin Town, how could he not feel envious?

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