Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 022, part 1

Chapter 22: Sacred Awakening, Scion of Light (II)

PART 1/2:

“Persevere! For our beliefs, for protecting everyone we care about!” Long Xing Yu’s voice clearly resounded in Long Hao Chen’s mind, making his pain gradually reduce and his spirit rise.

The awakening stone in Long Xing Yu’s hand was being dissolved, continuously being refined in his hand before finally taking the form of a drop of pure golden liquid floating and heading towards the pit in the middle of Long Hao Chen’s stomach. Compared to the awakening of ordinary knights, with Xing Yu’s refining, this drip of Holy Liquid didn’t have a trace of impurity. It was only golden colored and it merged with Long Hao Chen’s body.

Puff — –, in the instant after the drip of Holy Liquid merged with Long Hao Chen’s body, an intense golden light shone on his forehead.

The golden light reacted with the [Bright Blessing], slowly heading towards the top of Long Hao Chen’s head, then growing up little by little.

Long Xing Yu nervously looked at this golden pillar. It would determine Long Hao Chen’s future potential regarding the use of the holy attribute.

During the [Sacred Awakening], knights would acquire the holy attribute in their inner spiritual energy and during this process, their innate quantity of internal spiritual energy, one of the most important standards for determining the potential of a knight, would be determined. Generally speaking, if one’s innate internal spiritual energy level couldn’t even exceed 10, then that knight would have no way to break through the third step.

From the top of Long Hao Chen’s head, a golden thread was suddenly growing before falling backwards; it had quickly already reached the length corresponding to the tenth spiritual energy level. His body was suffering and shaking as violently as before, but the growth speed of the golden thread was really astonishing.

10, 20, 30, 40… …

At the moment the spiritual energy level reached 40, Long Xing Yu couldn’t help clenching his fists. When one’s innate internal spiritual energy reached 40, he was already a rare genius in the Knight Temple. But this golden column was still growing at the same speed.

Such a formidable innate mental capacity, Long Xing Yu couldn’t help but secretly sigh. He suspected beforehand that Long Hao Chen’s mental capacity was abnormal, but he had no way to be sure before performing the [Sacred Awakening]. At that moment, he would be able to see how formidable Long Hao Chen’s mental capacity really was.

50, it exceeded 50!
55, 58, 60. It surprisingly even exceeded 60.

Long Xing Yu remembered that he was known as the greatest genius of the century in the Knight Temple, and during his [Sacred Awakening], his internal spiritual energy peaked at the 77th level. Although he took care of Long Hao Chen during the past year, building his foundation by making him sit in meditation, the fact his spiritual energy exceeded 60 meant a lot of things, and this golden pillar of light was still continuing to grow.

65, 67, already 67!

Long Xing Yu’s pupils violently shrank. For innate internal spiritual energy, every 10 levels corresponded to a step and if Long Hao Chen’s internal spiritual energy exceeded 70, his capacity for using holy magic would not be inferior to any light element mage’s.

70, it really was 70!

At this instant, Long Xing Yu couldn’t help but hold his breath; when Long Hao Chen’s innate internal spiritual energy broke through the 70th level, he stopped shaking.

With another Puff sound, numerous golden threads of light burst out of Long Hao Chen’s body. The pain was, at this moment, all gone and Long Hao Chen’s clothes disappeared because of these golden lights.

His fair white skin shone like a crystal, the thin golden threads wandering about, piling up on his whole body, covering it of a gold color. The golden ring of light was gradually drawn into the middle of Long Hao Chen’s chest before finally taking the form of a little soybean.

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