Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 024

Note: ‘Epee’, the name of the predilection weapon of knights has been changed to ‘heavy sword’.
Sorry, it’s not that I completely mistranslated the word, but that the word 重剑 could have these two meanings, so since it was generally dual-wielded by Retribution Knight, I misinterpreted, guessing that it would probably be a sword that is rather not so voluminous. Thus consider that the ‘epees’ were from the beginning ‘heavy swords’. Thanks a lot to Bagelson & Njonjo for the remark & sorry about this sudden change. I’ll change from now on from epee to heavy sword, & do when I’ll not be too lazy have the time, the changes on the earlier chapters. The change has been applied to this chapter I hope it sounds good.

Chapter 24: Sacred Awakening, Scion of Light (IV)

Long Hao Chen used the edge, the flat part, and even the handle of the heavy swords in his hands; it seemed to be able to deal with all the opponent’s bamboo sword attacks. Momentarily, the sword’s shadow glimmered, coating his whole body just like a huge ball of light. Sacred light capabilities were continuously used, coordinated with his defense using the pair of heavy swords.

When facing Long Xing Yu’s attacks, if Long Hao Chen showed the slightest flaw, the bamboo sword would immediately fall on his body and hurt a lot more than the owl-ants’ attacks. However, the strange thing was that Long Hao Chen managed to resist: although Long Xing Yu looked quite serious, at the same time, he wasn’t able to break through Long Hao Chen’s defense.

After a quarter of an hour of continuous battle, Long Xing Yu’s bamboo sword suddenly shone. A white radiance expanded and thousands of swords appeared in front of Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen was still waving his pair of swords. He didn’t expect this attack from Long Xing Yu, but this was clearly not the first time this kind of situation had occurred.

The handle of the heavy sword in his left hand was knocked against the one in his right hand, then he slashed before him with the heavy sword in his right hand, while swinging the one in his left hand. With a flash of golden light, a [Thorny Charge] was used towards the bamboo sword.

A soft tinkling sound rang. The swords were swung but the bamboo sword that was in the path of the charge didn’t show the slightest change. Using the momentum from his previous block, Long Hao Chen advanced.

With a neat ringing sound, a layer a golden light immediately undulated from Long Hao Chen’s body, it was the [Divine Obstruction]. Against Long Xing Yu’s stab, he had to use all the spiritual energy he had left to form a [Divine Obstruction], enabling him to withstand it.

“Great, you did well this time. You were able to act calmly. I see that the actual combat training we did on a daily basis did not go to waste.” Taking his bamboo sword back, the smiling Long Xing Yu nodded in front of Long Hao Chen. However, Long Hao Chen was panting, his clothes soaked in sweat. Even though his father didn’t use spiritual energy related attacks, Long Hao Chen was still overwhelmed by his power.

Long Xing Yu went in front of Long Hao Chen, patting his shoulder, and said with a smile: “Let’s go home to rest for a little while, your mother should soon be done with the midday meal.”

“Okay.” Long Hao Chen’s face was also joyful.

Despite the fact that during this year and a half, he painstakingly trained everyday, it was still the happiest period of his life. His mother’s face was always smiling, and his formidable father instructed him. This kind of life was far from a dull one: it was, on the contrary, full of happiness.

When both father and son arrived in front of the log cabin, Long Xing Yu’s foot suddenly stopped, his eyes revealing a severe gaze.

Long Hao Chen also felt the change in his father’s breath: he gave a terrifying almighty ancient-dragon-like feeling that prevented him from breathing calmly.

Long Xing Yu loosened his grip on Long Hao Chen’s hand and slowly turned back, taking light steps and, in the next instant, Long Hao Chen opened his mouth wide: from his father’s body, a dense gold colored radiance spurted, raising his body into the sky and enabling him to fly.

Despite having trained for more than two years with his father, Long Hao Chen didn’t know at all, at which level his father’s true strength was. At this very moment, seeing that his father could go as far as to be able to rely on his spiritual energy to soar in the sky gave him an extremely big shock.

At the same time, two golden lights could be seen in Long Xing Yu’s eyes as he gazed from afar towards Odin Town.

Without waiting for Long Hao Chen to recover from the shock, he went down to the ground, his eyes revealing a cold expression. “The demon race’s armed forces launched a sneak attack, we have to go.”

Simultaneously, he grabbed Long Hao Chen’s arm and soared once more in the sky.

His fully condensed spiritual energy took the form of a pair of golden wings spreading out from Long Xing Yu’s back.

Spiritual energy transformation was an ability used by 6th step Radiant Knights, but Long Xing Yu’s wings were over 10 meters wide, covered by dozens of gold colored feathers that looked just like real objects. How could an ordinary spiritual energy accomplish such a feat so easily?

As the enormous pair of stretching wings appeared, a gold-colored aura enveloped Long Xing Yu and his son. The pair of wings suddenly fanned and they both immediately headed straight in the direction of Odin Town with the speed of a meteor.

What Long Hao Chen didn’t notice was that, upon seeing Long Xing Yu’s pair of wings, all the beings from Odin Mountain, to the insides of the forest, regardless if they were magical beast or wild beast, all crept on the ground: they were so alarmed and hopeless before this sight that they did not dare move in the slightest bit.

The scenery turned into a gold-colored world, the dense sacred energy wrapped everything around them and Long Hao Chen could feel his internal spiritual energy boiling. During this short moment, his inner spiritual energy raised a lot, but this was only because the light-attribute energy temporarily produced around them at this moment was too formidable. This showed how powerful the sacred energy released by Long Xing Yu was.

It felt as if only a few seconds had passed when the golden light suddenly scattered and Long Hao Chen could see the outward situation.

Odin Town, we are actually already back in Odin town. After such a small amount of time?

Long Hao Chen couldn’t believe his own eyes, but the fact was that before his eyes, below his feet, wasn’t this the Odin Town where he grew up?

The current Odin Town had lost its originally calm and quiet atmosphere. A lot of places were burning, sounds of crying resounded nonstop, miserable shrieks and destruction sounds flooded each corner of Odin Town.

Long Hao Chen saw at least thousands of black armored, tall, and big monsters with robust bodies. They were the ones wreaking havoc in Odin Town.

These monsters were at least 1.8 meters tall. Each had the head of a wolf and the body of a human at the same time. They waved curved swords. Odin Town’s inhabitants were currently being slaughtered by them; sad and shrill cries could be heard everywhere, but these ferocious wolves were also unceasingly howling even louder.

More than 3,000 households were supposed to be living in the town of Odin, making 20,000 inhabitants, but at this moment, it had become a sea of blood and corpses, dense blood was scattered everywhere, the scene could make anyone feel like vomiting.

“Father, what are they?” Long Hao Chen’s voice was filled with anger, this is the place where he grew up! He had seen just now with his own eyes one of his former little companions being cut into two parts by a wolf-headed monster wielding a curved sword, the front part of his body was lying on the ground and after he let out his last agonizing sad and shrill cry, his internal organs started spreading all around.

“Werewolves from the demon race.” Long Xing Yu answered with a cold voice, an impressive pressure could be felt released from his body.

The people below, completely terrified by the werewolves, subconsciously looked up. Seeing the two enormous wings spreading from Long Xing Yu’s back, they couldn’t help but feel completely astonished by his appearance.

“Father, let me go down, I am going to kill them!” Long Hao Chen shouted excitedly.

“Your strength is far from sufficient.” Long Xing Yu said in a low voice: “Hao Chen, didn’t you always want to see your father’s actual strength? Then, take a good look.”

A gold-red ring of light surged out from Long Xing Yu’s back: an enormous bright gold throne shone with a magnificent brilliance, slowly appearing from the gold-red ring of light.

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