Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 025 part 1

Chapter 25: The Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter (1)

The enormous throne was 33 meters (10 Zhang) high; on its back, countless precious stones were set and a man could faintly be seen floating behind this chair, spreading severity, dignity, and even terror out all around.

At the top of the back of the chair, there was a semicircular bright red gem that seemed like the sun looking over mother earth. But its brilliance was dark orange colored, giving the impression that it was bringing doom and terror.

At the height of the chest of this figure, also at the back of the chair, an intensely dazzling golden red diamond gem could be spotted. Each crest line drawn on it seemed to try to show the man’s formidableness; a huge part of it released a bright brilliance.

At the front of this wide chair, two crawling lions were carved on the left and right sides, seeming as if they were roaring. Countless magnificent decorative patterns seemed to completely fill the back of the throne.

At the moment this throne appeared, a golden column of light arrived on Long Xing Yu’s body, completely enveloping both him and Long Hao Chen. As the golden light completely enveloped both of them, Long Hao Chen disappeared and Long Xing Yu’s body enlarged ten-folds before slowly sitting on the throne.

In Odin Town, whether they were the werewolves or the former inhabitants, no one could move under this tremendous display of power. The inhabitants were all panic-stricken while the werewolves’ gazes were filled with despair.

A golden yellow haired werewolf who looked much more robust than the others of his race said in a trembling voice, “This, this is the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter.”

The immense Long Xing Yu was slowly sitting straight on his throne, his cold gaze was endlessly awe-inspiring, and at the moment he was seated, the gold red diamond gem at the back of the chair suddenly appeared on his chest as the whole sky started to become gold red colored.


A cold word came out from Long Xing Yu’s mouth. An orange luster gushed out from his back, turning into an immense sword that floated in the sky, right above his head.

The gold haired werewolf had already given up all hope, he couldn’t imagine why such a big shot could appear at the border of the Temple Alliance. Even though these werewolves wanted to run away, it wasn’t possible now.

A myriad of reddish orange colored rays of light fell from the sky, they seemed to grow as they grew closer, falling on each of the werewolves.

No matter how much they struggled, they were unable to do anything against it, and all the werewolves sadly disappeared from this world, just like that. There wasn’t a single trace left of them, they had simply vanished.


The gold red radiance turned into a heavenly scene, and the werewolves disappeared from the world. The people from Odin Town started to get up from the shock. Only a handful of people stood in this warm, gold red colored radiance, but the wounds on their body were being healed at an astonishing speed. The places that were burning were also already extinguished. The only things that couldn’t be restored were the lives of the people who had already died and the destroyed buildings.

With a flash of golden light, Long Xing Yu who was still seated on the throne was already in front of one more person, the gold haired werewolf.

In regard to demon race monsters, humans ranked them the same as magical beasts. This gold haired werewolf was at least a fifth step demon. However, in front of Long Xing Yu, he was like a little ant who couldn’t even struggle the slightest bit. Besides him, each of the demons had already been eliminated.

“What is your goal by invading the southern part of the Temple Alliance?” Long Xing Yu’s cold voice sounded full of suspicions.

This gold haired werewolf still put up a tough front, even though by his gaze, it could be seen that he was despaired and unwilling, he still didn’t answer.

“This Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter… You, aren’t you the Adjudicator (裁决与审判), the Divine Knight, Long Xing Yu?”

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