Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 026

Chapter 26: The Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter (2) [Part 2 here]

Looking from afar, Long Xing Yu let out a sigh, “It looks like the demon race is coming back. Hao Chen, remember, the demon race is powerful, but we mustn’t yield to them. As knights, we have to protect our homeland until the last drop of our blood is exhausted.”

“Em! [ref]kind of groaning agreeing sound like “Umu” in Japanese[/ref]” Long Hao Chen nodded as he gave this answer. In his heart, his father wasn’t a mere teacher, but a target of his worship. Without personal experience, he couldn’t imagine that a Divine Throne was so formidable. In this vast sea of spiritual energy, he ravaged the heavens and the earth. This bright [Judgement] left in Long Hao Chen’s heart, an indelible mark.

“Father, do we have to leave this place?” Long Hao Chen asked

Long Xing Yu lowered his head towards him and said: “Yes, but, you are not coming with us.”

“Ah?” Long Hao Chen was astonished, giving a look full of incomprehension to his father.

Long Xing Yu faintly said: “A little chick who never leaves his parent’s protection will never be able to reach the heights of the heaven in the great sky[ref]<=> the pinnacle level of training (metaphor)[/ref]. I had planned to guide you for 3 years, but it looks like we will have to part earlier. I will take your mother back to the Temple Alliance to deal with a few matters and to honor an agreement of mine.

The Temple Alliance isn’t a suitable place for you. If you are to come along with us, I am afraid you will never turn into a Divine Knight like me. You have to walk on your path, step by step, relying on your efforts to gain everything, and you will possess your own honor as a knight.”

“Father, I don’t want to part with you and mother.” Long Hao Chen suddenly held his father’s waist, his gaze looking very sad.

Bai Yue looked at Long Xing Yu with an imploring gaze.

Long Xing Yu stroked Long Hao Chen’s head, “Silly boy, if you stay by the our side from beginning to end, your heart will forever be filled with a feeling of dependence and concern. And even if you were to come with us to the Temple Alliance, you wouldn’t be able to stay forever by my side. Thus, I have to leave you for a few years, I have too many matters to handle. I have already made this decision: you have to remain here.”

Long Hao Chen was still shocked, he tried to control the tears that were dripping from his eyes. Bai Yue had already returned to the log cabin, crying uncontrollably.

Long Xing Yu pulled Long Hao Chen in front of him, and told him in a low voice: “Hao Chen, before we leave, Father has to teach one last thing.”

Long Hao Chen answered absent-mindedly: “What is it?”

Long Xing Yu said in a low voice: “Spiritual stoves.”

“Spiritual stoves?” Hearing these two words, Long Hao Chen’s body couldn’t help but shake. During these 2.5 years he trained by his father’s side, he heard Long Xing Yu speak about Spiritual Stoves countless times. But at those moments, Long Xing Yu didn’t give him directions regarding his training in the use of spiritual stoves.

Long Xing Yu nodded: “Spiritual stoves are spiritual smelting furnaces. Learning to use them is not really about ability. It is rather one of the most valuable magical treasures in nature. There are a lot of knight abilities that can be chosen. But except from a few that will depend on your inner talent, most will be acquired from practice. But spiritual stoves are not the same. The vast majority of the spiritual stoves enable you to use abilities that cannot be acquired through practice, and spiritual stoves are all different. Each of them has unique properties, and even if different people practice using the same spiritual stove, the result produced will be different.

There are many kinds of spiritual stoves, a total of 74 types have been catalogued at present. Each of them are only suited to some vocations, and there are a total of 23 that are suited for the knight vocation. Some are more suited toward knights, but warriors can also use them.”

Long Hao Chen was gradually becoming more and more fascinated by his father’s explanation about spiritual stoves, “Father, where can I acquire a spiritual stove?”

Part 2:

Long Xing Yu answered: “Generally speaking, they can only be found in places where a lot of spiritual power has gathered or in ancient ruins. In whichever vocation, there is, on average, only one person out of 1000 who possesses a spiritual stove. That also applies for knights. However, spiritual stoves are a common goal seeked by all vocations. It is because only by possessing a spiritual stove, can one really become more formidable than those of the same step.”

Speaking these words, Long Xing Yu took out the black colored ring on the index finger of Long Hao Chen. As if it had synchronized with his finger, this black ring had contracted enough to be a perfect fit.

“This is a six-layered seal. I sealed, in your ring, all the powerful skills used by Retribution Knights from the 4th to the 9th rank. Every time your spiritual energy reaches a high enough rank, you will be able to break through a part of the seal and study each of these skills one by one.”

Then, he drew out a book and passed it to Long Hao Chen, “All you have to know regarding spiritual stoves is explained in detail in this book. I don’t have the time to show you in person, so you will have to learn by yourself, understood?”

“Father… …” Long Hao Chen let out this word, his eyes uncontrollably red.

“Do not forget the favor you owe to the one who gave you this ring.”

Long Hao Chen gently nodded; after he awakened his inner spiritual energy, Long Xing Yu had told him to what extent he had to be grateful towards the mute girl who left him this ring.

As spiritual energy was poured into it, the thin golden pattern on the ring looked almost alive, and a thin blue light appeared, shining strongly. Long Hao Chen took the book recording the mysteries of the spiritual stoves.

This ring he received was an extremely valuable space ring; inside, up to 10 cubic meters of various articles could be stored. It originally only contained a defensive ability that created a thin blue shield when stimulated. As long as spiritual energy was poured into this ring, the shield would always exist, and its strength would increase together with the spiritual energy. Long Xing Yu said that it was a rare kind of enchantment.

Looking at Long Hao Chen who was packing his book, Long Xing Yu lightly sighed: “Hao Chen, although I have a lot of pretty good equipment, I don’t plan to give it to you. It is because weapons and equipments are only valuable when you obtain them by relying on your own efforts: this way, you will really be able to treasure them.”

“Father, I don’t want to separate from you.” Long Hao Chen’s tears finally stopped dripping.

Long Xing Yu held his son in his embrace, sighing: “Hao Chen, your emotions are your strong point, but also your weakness. Remember, neither Father nor Mother will be by your side in the future; you will have to become a taciturn person, you cannot wear your heart on your sleeve[ref]idiom, you have to be a person with a big heart.[/ref].

Don’t cry, this is only a temporary separation. Father hopes that the next time we’ll meet each other, you will be able to make me look at you with new eyes.

Father and mother are going to leave. I cannot leave you any equipment, but there is a gift that I prepared for you a long time ago.”

As he said that, Long Xing Yu let go of his son’s hand, putting his right hand on his own chest. Tightly pressing, a strange white light was released.

The white light was gentle, followed by a particular energy undulating before pulsing, giving a dizzy feeling to the ones who looked at it.

This was definitely neither the energy from the Sacred Light nor Long Xing Yu’s spiritual energy. Long Xing Yu slowly stretched his palm under the gaze of Long Hao Chen who looked quite impressed; in his father’s palm, there was a white radiance. A three foot long little cauldron [ref]more precisely a 鼎/a ding, an ancient cooking vessel with two loop handles and three or four legs)[/ref] appeared in Long Xing Yu’s palm.

The white radiance was emitted from this white cauldron, softly moved up and down, creating a mesmerizing sight.

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