Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 030

Chapter 30: Saint Spiritual Stove (IV)

“Oh?” Long Hao Chen, who was still immersed in the practice of his internal spiritual energy and studying the knowledge regarding spiritual stoves, gave a simple reply before heading out together with Li Xin.

Li Xin had arranged her long hair, using a blue ribbon to tie it into a ponytail; then she left together with Long Hao Chen, going back to the main hall and heading straight to the third floor.

Nalan Shu was already waiting for them: upon seeing them, he came to Long Hao Chen and said, with a smile, “How was your rest? Were you satisfied with the residence?”

Long Hao Chen first gave Nalan Shu a salute, then replied, “I really liked the residence. Thank you Uncle Nalan.”

Nalan Shu faintly smiled. He was liking this child more and more: he had such a formidable father but didn’t show the slightest bit of arrogance.

“You have already completed the Sacred Awakening, proving that you have the potential to be a knight; however, in order for you to join our Hao Yue Hall, we have to carry out your registration. Therefore, it will be necessary to test your current spiritual energy. Tomorrow, you will have to start studying in the knight class to learn the skills and abilities of a Guardian Knight. If there is anything that you don’t understand, come to me and ask me directly.”

“Yes.” Long Hao Chen replied, moving his wrist and slowly drawing the heavy sword from his back. Because his father did not want him to reveal his abilities of a Retribution Knight, he only carried a single heavy sword on his back, the other one was, naturally, stashed inside the spatial ring.

“Lil’ Bro, you want to become a Guardian Knight?” Li Xin looked puzzled.

Long Hao Chen laughed, “I made this choice after coming back from the last test.”

The tool used for the test this time was the same as the last time, still that black stone pillar.

“Start now.” Nalan Shu nodded at Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen focused his gaze and took one step forward, the heavy sword on his right hand chopping and unleashing a sort of lightning; several layers of golden light obviously surrounded the blade. This was not a skill, but a phenomenon caused by pouring spiritual energy into the blade.

A Ping sound muffled, and a blue glow softly rose from the walls of the examination hall; whether it was Nalan Shu or Li Xin, both nervously stared at the top of the black stone pillar.

“268.” A huge number appeared there.

Nalan Shu and Li Xin both gasped at the same time, completely speechless, and she cried out: “You are only two spiritual energy levels away from being a third rank Genuine Knight. Lil’ Bro, are you really a normal human? A third rank knight who’s not twelve years old yet.”

As a matter of fact, a year and a half ago, when Li Xin met Long Hao Chen for the first time, she also had just reached the level of Genuine Knight. In merely a year and a half, Long Hao Chen had more than doubled his spiritual energy level. Although this growth speed was closely related to the fact that both his inner and outer spiritual energies had been cultivated, it could be still described as terrifying talent.

Long Hao Chen put his sword away and stood motionless; he was not surprised at all by his spiritual energy ranking, but this was obviously not the real spiritual energy he had reached. After fusing the Saint Spiritual Stove, his inner spiritual energy dropped by over fifty levels. Otherwise, his spiritual energy level would be at a level surpassing a fourth rank and almost at the level of a fifth rank Genuine Knight.

“Genius, a real genius.”, Nalan Shu murmured.

Li Xin blinked her big eyes, fiercely looking at Long Hao Chen, and said: “It’s such a pity that you are so young compared to me, otherwise, this Big Sis would definitely have chosen to seize you[ref]Shotacon alert![/ref].”

Looking at her, Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but blush. He could still clearly remembered the scene that occurred more than a year ago, when Li Xin had grabbed his hand, making it grope some highly located place that was soft.

“Let’s go, it’s time to eat.” Li Xin pulled Long Hao Chen’s arm and said some greetings to Nalan Shu before running out.

Getting out of Hao Yue Hall, Li Xin dragged Long Hao Chen to one of the biggest restaurants in the neighborhood and entered.

As soon as they entered, a waiter immediately came to serve them: “Welcome, Miss Xin’er.”

Li Xin nodded and said: “Get us something to eat.”

The waiter looked somewhat surprised upon seeing Li Xin pull Long Hao Chen’s arm, “Both of you, please follow me onto the second floor.”

Li Xin shook her head and said: “No need, the two of us will be fine in the main dining hall. We will be sitting there, close to the window. Bring out the menu, I’m starving to death.”

While talking, she pulled Long Hao Chen before sitting down.

Around this time, the main hall of the restaurant was fairly crowded. Immediately after sitting down with Long Hao Chen, Li Xin ordered food, but she did it in a way that broadened Long Hao Chen’s horizons.

Receiving a menu from the waiter, Li Xin pointed at five or six dishes on it. While Long Hao Chen was still wondering why the waiter did not record her choice of dishes, Li Xin said: “Except for these, bring out everything.”

That was almost a full menu: there were twenty to thirty dishes!

“Big Sister Xin’er, there is really too much. There’s no way we can finish it.” Long Hao Chen made haste to say, having understood more about this new older sister. This easygoing side of hers made him feel very comfortable staying around her.

Li Xin put on a serious face and said: “How can there be no way we can finish? You’re still growing, so you need to eat quite a bit.”

“Come on, what is that? Making people eat more? Clearly it’s just you who are a big eater.” After Li Xin finished ordering food, a somewhat cold, mixed with mockery, voice reached her.

Long Hao Chen turned around and saw two men and a woman, three people who had also just entered the restaurant. When the three of them passed near them, they stopped advancing; more exactly, it was the girl who spoke.

This young girl was wearing a dark blue robe. It seemed as if elemental energy loomed around the robe, making it glow in a light blue color. On the left side of her chest, there was a three-starred emblem surrounded by six golden stripes.

A magical Robe. Is this a Mage? Long Hao Chen only knew about mages through his Father’s teachings, this was the first time he saw one in his life.

Three stars plus six stripes, that was the mark of a third step, sixth rank vocation. So this was a Genuine Mage. The three first steps of the vocation of mage were named Mage’s Assistant, Magical Student, and Genuine Mage.

Bang, Li Xin who violently pounded the table stood up, and angrily said: “Lin Jia Lu, who did’ya describe as a big eater?”

Lin Jia Lu snorted, “Who is the one who eats so much?”

Long Hao Chen, who at first paid principally attention to the magical robe, took another closer look at the mage’s looks.

Lin Jia Lu and Li Xin could be described as rare beauties, yet their styles were completely different. Li Xin, straightforward and full of vigor, was a kind of robust beauty. On the other hand, Lin Jia Lu had a more ladylike, clever look.

White skin, medium build, long light blue colored hair letting loose behind her back, graceful eyebrows, beautiful nose, a pair of perfect, identical blue eyes, and her gentle face; all of those easily made people feel like treasuring her.

However, she was holding a 0,66 meter (2 Chi) long magic black wand made of wood in her hands, on top of which sprouted branches shaped like a small hand, just big enough to hold a fist-sized blue water gem. The magical elemental power that could be felt coming out of the magic wand was much more intense than the one from her robe.

“Are trying to pick a fight or what?” With anger sparking in her eyes, Li Xin stepped in front of Lin Jia Lu.

The two young men who arrived together with Lin Jia Lu rushed two steps forward, one on each side of Lin Jia Lu, looking rather nervous. Both of them were leather-armor-clad warriors, obviously Lin Jia Lu’s bodyguards.

What mages feared the most was being attacked. Despite possessing with magic a formidable destructive power, they were very vulnerable. Therefore, a good mage would always have attendants following to protect them.

“You two ladies, please calm down. Exactly a month ago, you two received punishments from the Head Officer and the Minister.” The warrior on the left nervously reminded.

“Hmph!” Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu reacted almost at the same time, glaring at each other.

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