Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 051

Chapter 51: Evolution (1)

Long Hao Chen observed the evolution of the Earthfire Lizard carefully; his right hand was clenching into a fist. Despite the fact that his blood was still being drained, he looked quite stable.

Layer upon layer of gold-colored halos were unceasingly cleansing the body of the Earthfire Lizard as it emitted a white smoke, the wounds on its back becoming vestiges of the past. Clearly, the dark energy of this Earthfire Lizard was being attacked by the holy energy, and it looked painful.

If not for the contract of equals between them, the large amount holy energy released by Long Hao Chen’s physique as a Scion of Light would have already destroyed it.

Veins appeared on the Earthfire Lizard’s face; blood was continuously seeping out from its mouth as it violently shivered, its four claws tightly dug into the ground from beginning to end to prevent it from making sudden movements.

It lifted up its head towards Long Hao Chen, and human and beast looked at each other with looks filled with determination and affection. That’s right, their eyes were filled with the affection family members would have for each other.

With his blood still being drained, Long Hao Chen’s face became paler and paler, and signs that he was becoming feebler were appearing. Even though he was already above the 1,000th spiritual energy level, he was still human in the end. If a human lost a third of his blood, he would die, and at the rate he was losing his blood, it would not be long before this kind of fatality would occur.

Time passed, minute by minute, second by second, and both Ye Hua and the handicapped elder were, at this moment, extremely nervous.

The handicapped elder, guardian of the Sacred Mountain, was not young anymore, and it was not the first time he had seen this kind of situation. It looked like this was likely to be successful. In the first scenario, the Earthfire lizard would not be able to bear the holy blood baptism and would die. In the second scenario, after the holy blood baptism was done, it would become magical beast with a physique of light and Long Hao Chen would have reached his goal. In the third scenario, the Earthfire Lizard would not be able to stand the pain and would run away from the baptism. All of the effort would have been for naught in this case. In the fourth scenario, the one that the disabled elder and Ye Hua were the most unwilling to see, Long Hao Chen would be unable to persevere because of the blood loss. If it got to that point, not only would the Earthfire Lizard’s baptism not be completed, but Long Hao Chen’s life would also be endangered because of the blood loss.

Long Hao Chen’s right hand that was originally steady began to gradually shiver more and more. His fair white skin had already turned pale, the original luster and moisture had disappeared long ago. The speed of the blood flowing in his wrist was also gradually slowing; besides the external harm to his body, he had also lost a large amount of blood.

However, the strange thing was that, right now, the body of the Earthfire Lizard was not shivering. On its originally pitch black colored scales, a faint golden luster was forming little by little. The rotted wounds were healing at an astonishing speed. Clearly, the hard times were over, and its body was transforming at an astonishing speed.

The most peculiar changes were on the contract mark on the bodies of Long Hao Chen and this Earthfire Lizard, simultaneously acquiring, little by little, a purple-gold color. It was already purple-colored in the past, but with the addition of this faint golden luster, the whole mark appeared a lot more dazzling. The layer of purple mist also became duller, and behind it, astonishingly complex patterns could faintly be seen.

Long Hao Chen’s body shook, almost falling down.

“Not good, Hao Chen cannot persevere.” Ye Hua’s heart was beating quickly. He could not refrain himself from rushing to his side.

“Keep waiting.” The handicapped elder lifted his hand, blocking Ye Hua from rushing forward.

Long Hao Chen lifted up his left hand, pressing it on the neck of the Earthfire Lizard to support his own body. He was already unable to see anything before him clearly; the blood loss gave him a dizzy feeling that could make him fall down at any time.

Do not abandon, do not renounce. Long Hao Chen gritted his teeth and bore the pain, silently remembering these six words.

Despite the fact that he had not spent a significant amount of time together with this Earthfire Lizard, it was the first time he experienced the effects of this contract of equals. The fact that he felt as familiar with it as a close relative, while hating the idea of having to leave its side, showed that it already had an important place in his heart.

Long Hao Chen had no siblings; these few years, Li Xin was like a dear sister to him. A moment ago, he made this ultimate decision because he thought if such a calamity were to fall upon him, would Li Xin not have chosen to do the same?

Companion, what is a companion? Together in life and in death, that is what a genuine companion is.

Vaguely seeing the Earthfire Lizard in his sight at this moment, Long Hao Chen did not find it ugly at all.

At this moment, more than a third of Long Hao Chen’s blood was already drained out; his situation was critical.

The handicapped elder had stopped Ye Hua, but made preparations to intervene at any time. In the case Long Hao Chen’s vitality was exhausted to the very limit, he would immediately make his move

“HOUU–” A roaring sound full of excitement resounded while a golden luster was being emitted from within the Earthflame Lizard. The darkness attribute aura vanished completely, together with its fierceness.

A golden light shot out from the hands of the elder directed at Long Hao Chen’s wounded wrist, healing it instantly.

Long Hao Chen’s body felt weak: he had already fallen down, but he still did not lose consciousness because he wanted to see whether he had succeeded or not.

A wet tongue was gently licking his face; the pair of red little eyes brimming with health and vigor were just like two embedded rubies.

The gold-purple-colored agreement mark on its back was quietly disappearing, and the wounds on the Earthfire Lizard’s body had already disappeared as its scales took the shape of a shield and a golden luster was being emitted all around.

Ye Hua let out a sigh and advanced at a stroll, with the intent of having Long Hao Chen take some medicine. He knew that Long Hao Chen had succeeded, but he had paid a great price for that. Having lost so much blood, he would, unfortunately, take about a year to recover.

“HOUU–” The Earthfire Lizard suddenly approached Ye Hua, letting out a deep roar and looking at him with its pair of healthy little red-colored eyes. A big fireball was released from its mouth, aiming to bombard Ye Hua directly.

“Mh?!” Ye Hua really did not expect that action as a [Divine Light Mantle] wrapped around him, aiming to block the incoming fireball.

“Let’s not approach him for the moment! It seems like he is trying to do something!” The handicapped elder shouted loudly.

The Earthfire Lizard‘s little fireball stopped Ye Hua in his tracks, and its gaze was directed at Long Hao Chen’s weakened face once more. Right afterwards, a purple-colored brilliance suddenly appeared, emitted from its back and directed at the top of the cave.

This purple ray was aimed straight; it was as if its back was suddenly split open, letting bright patterns appear, before the Earthfire Lizard lifted its head once more. Only, at this moment, a purple-colored brilliance appeared in its pair of red eyes. These purple shrouded eyes seemed ice cold and noble.

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