Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 056

Chapter 56: Entrance Examination and Equipment (IV)

As soon as he put on the light armor, he immediately noticed that the quantity of light element around his body had increased, naturally rotating around his internal spiritual energy. A layer of gold-colored brilliance rippled around his light armor, and although it wasn’t a part of the spiritual energy Long Hao Chen could use to launch his skills, it strengthened his attack as well as his defense.

The crucial point was that this armor was very light and convenient, not obstructing Long Hao Chen’s movements in the slightest.

He liked the large sword even more; as he infused it with his spiritual energy, the two large swords shone brightly. The Light Sword seemed to be very compatible with his natural attribute, forming a bright edge a third of a meter long. The amplification effect of the Fire Sword was only a little lower: fire did not reject light. Pouring in it his holy elemental internal spiritual energy still resulted in at least 80% of the attack power of the other sword.

Long Hao Chen calmly analyzed: the equipment on his body raised his fighting strength a level higher. Moreover, by relying on his ring, ‘Forget-Me-Not’, he could switch between a left handed sword and a shield at anytime, which was the equivalent of being able to switch between being a Guardian Knight and a Retribution Knight depending on the situation.

“Hao Chen.” An ice-cold voice could be heard outside the door.

“Teacher.” Long Hao Chen moved in haste to open the door, welcoming Ye Hua to enter.

On the side, Hao Yue was biting the dried fish. Upon seeing Ye Hua enter, he showed some ill feelings woo woo; he seemed to still hold a grudge against him for the past events.

While Long Hao Chen brought his teacher inside, Ye Hua looked at the light armor on his body: “Hao Yue City is quite big, but they don’t even have a single spiritual tier piece of equipment? What a difference in treatment.”

Long Hao Chen smiled: “The fact I have a set of magical equipment is already plenty. Teacher, didn’t you say that a genuine powerhouse shouldn’t rely on equipment excessively?”

Ye Hua snorted, “That was at the time I was teaching you. The current circumstances are different: the Demon Hunt Selection Competition is not a simple competition, but it can be said to be a real war, with deaths.”

Long Hao Chen said: “Teacher, do you have so little confidence in me?”

Ye Hua answered: “To have confidence in you is one thing, but to prepare for a rainy day is another. You will set off tomorrow, while we will also be leaving for the Temple Alliance, waiting for you to participate to the competition. This is for you.” As he spoke, Ye Hua took out a grey-colored metallic wristguard.

Looking at its outwards appearance, this wristguard seemed pretty ordinary, but as soon as Ye Hua took it off, the wristguard seemed to emit a thin gold color from inside, forming a golden gem at least the size of a hundred grains of rice

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-Zeke for having the idea of counting the rice
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-Toto for counting the rice

Long Hao Chen was not adept at equipment creation at all, but having no idea what the value of this gem was did not influence the value this piece of equipment was to him. In fact, the light attribute emitted by this wristguard was higher than his former equipment.

“Your teacher is poor, so he doesn’t have anything good to offer you. Once spiritual energy is poured into this Divine Light Wristguard, it will create a [Holy Light Mantle], up to three times a day, lasting a minute every time.”

[Holy Light Mantle] was a defensive skill that Grand Knight level Guardian Knights were capable of using. The defensive power was not as great as [Divine Light Mantle]’s, but [Holy Light Mantle]’s greatest benefit was the possibility to control the range of the mantle; the bigger the chosen range, the more its defensive power is reduced. More importantly, [Holy Light Mantle] had a supplementary healing effect inside of its range, which made it one of the most useful skills to Guardian Knights. The only defect would be that it consumed an enormous amount of spiritual energy; launching this ability consumed 50 units of internal spiritual energy, and each second sustained would add 5 units to this count.

It could be seen as Ye Hua conveniently throwing a very precious piece of equipment towards Long Hao Chen. Every activation was the equivalent of saving 350 units of spiritual energy! In addition, it could be used up to three times every day; having an absolute guarantee to be able to save lives in whichever circumstances was always a good thing. Even among spiritual tier equipment, this one was uncommonly valuable.

“Teacher, this is too precious. I cannot accept it.”

Ye Hua’s face sank, “Not good enough for you? If you don’t want it, just throw it away. I’m heading back.” As he spoke, he stood up and began leaving.

Long Hao Chen said with a helpless face: “Teacher, that is not what I meant. These Divine Light Wristguards are just too precious for me, I…”

Arriving at the door, Ye Hua stopped and immediately interrupted him, “I have no relative, only a disciple.” Having spoken these words, he waved his hands to Long Hao Chen, hinting that Long Hao Chen did not have to send him off, and left by himself.

Looking at the wristguards in his hands, Long Hao Chen felt warmth in his heart, “Teacher, I will not disappoint you.”

Bright morning, Hao Yue City east gate.

This place was where they gathered last night. Li Xin rode her Rose Unicorn, which had grown to the peak fifth step within these two years, heading along with Long Hao Chen to the east entrance.

After these two years, Long Hao Chen was not a child anymore, so he naturally felt too embarrassed to ride a mount together with Li Xin. Also, Nalan Shu gave him a fine horse, so he rode it while advancing by Li Xin’s side.

“Hao Chen, what about Hao Yue, that guy? Where has he run off to?” Li Xin looked all around, but could not find the pair of heads that were usually sticking together with Long Hao Chen all day.

Long Hao Chen smiled: “Sis, he’s around. He will naturally appear once we’ll be leaving the city.”

Li Xin curiously spoke back: “I really think that Hao Yue is a lot more intelligent than my Rose Unicorn, even though he’s only at the middle rank of the fourth step.”

Quickly, sister and brother arrived at the east gate and, at that moment, they saw the pair of excited brothers from the Chen family waiting impatiently, while Lin Jia Lu had yet to arrive.

“Little brother Long, young lady Xin’er.” Chen Si took the initiative to greet them. Both of them held Li Xin in high regard. As for Long Hao Chen, they considered him as a subordinate of Li Xin at most, after Nalan Shu revealed the day before that Long Hao Chen was only 14 this year. What could the ability of a 14 year-old child be? Li Xin was, however, different. Not only was she superior to them in terms of talent, but in addition, she possessed a formidable magical beast such as the Rose Unicorn. This mount was, by itself, superior to these two brothers in terms of strength. The status of knights was also superior to that of a warrior, so they naturally wished to stay on good terms with Li Xin.

To be selected to participate in the Demon Hunt Selection Competition already required outstanding innate talents, but before confronting the test, they needed the cooperation of everyone here.

Li Xin nodded at them, “Lin Jia Lin hasn’t arrived yet?”

Chen Si smiled, “It isn’t the time yet. Let’s wait a moment.”

Li Xin calmly nodded.

Chen Si and Chen Chen were both riding fine horses. While they were speaking, a cart slowly approached, stopping beside them.

When the cart arrived, Lin Jia Lu jumped down from it, and stood respectfully there. Immediately afterwards, an elder came out from the cart.

This elder looked 60 to 70 years old, his grizzled hair were meticulously combed, and he let out a slight fragrance of pomade. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, his eyes looked a bit gloomy and cold, and his lips were fine and thin. His character was arrogant and noble at the same time, giving people a bad first impression.

He wore a thin blue-colored magical gown, with a material made of golden threads sketching outside, emitting a metallic luster; it seemed that the wind element was gathered around it, revolving around his body. He held in his hand, a dark green-colored magical staff with a pale gem the size of an egg above it.

Lin Jia Lu respectfully told him: “Senior supervisor, please.”

The elder nodded. Looking at her, his arrogant expression became a bit softer, “Go.” Lin Jia Lu accompanied him towards Long Hao Chen’s group.

Everyone hurried to dismount from their horse; without a doubt, this elder was a supervisor from the Temple Alliance, a mage. Although his body did not give off the air of a mage, Lin Jia Lu obviously could not be compared to him at all.

The elder went in front of their group and simply said, in an indifferent voice: “Set off.”

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