Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 060

Chapter 60: The Dragon Rises and Sets Sail (IV)

“DONG–” A clear and loud sound echoed, and just like a rippling wave, a silhouette stood firm, three steps away from Lin Jia Lu’s figure.

What happened? Regardless of whether it was Li Xin or the Chen brothers, everyone had their eyes opened wide because they just saw a scene they could not comprehend at all.

When [Divine Light Mantle] was cast, a white light had simultaneously started to glow from Long Hao Chen’s chest; the light was not intense at all, but it caused this sharp-edged blade to stick at the skin of Lin Jia Lu’s neck as the invisible silhouette suddenly became motionless.

The strangest thing was that a white glow instantly appeared from this figure, exposing its silhouette. The sharp blade slowly receded from Lin Jia Lu’s neck and did not split her neck open at all; instead, it was suddenly aimed at Long Hao Chen. With a Dong sound, Long Hao Chen obstructed the attack with the Radiant Shield, the parry sending out a sound.

“Dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong…” The sounds of the parries repeatedly rang from Long Hao Chen’s Radiant Shield. A drizzling white light was propagating on the invisible figure that was launching attacks that were as powerful as howling wind and torrential rain against Long Hao Chen, which Long Hao Chen steadily blocked.

The Radiant Shield in Long Hao Chen’s hand kept parrying, receiving each of the enemy’s frenzied strikes without taking a single step back, just like an insurmountable mountain.

“AH—-” Lin Jia Lu cried out at this moment. Her neck hurt slightly and a little cut had opened, making a few drops of blood flow out of it; but above all, an intense feeling of fear was filling her entire body, making it feel limp and painful. She completely forgot to lead the others. Regardless of whether it was as the genius who showed outstanding performances during her cultivation period in Hao Yue Mage Hall, or as a mere girl who was going to the battlefield for the first time, her mind almost fell apart from experiencing her life hanging by a thread.

The fastest to react was Li Xin. Without the slightest of hesitation, she used an [Instant Blast Cross Cut] from the rear to repel the invisible figure.

This invisible enemy was indeed a terrible opponent: his body slightly twisted in the air, easily dodging Li Xin’s attack. However, it was truly strange. It was as if he only saw Long Hao Chen, aiming all of his attacks at him.

“What are you doing? Attack immediately!” Li Xin shouted with her delicate voice, rousing the two brothers and bringing Lin Jia Lu back to her senses.

Hao Yue, who was under Long Hao Chen’s feet, also attacked: [Fireballs] and [Light Arrows] were launched in succession, immediately exploding on the invisible enemy.

At this moment, everyone could clearly see that this invisible enemy was shaped like a human; besides the ability to make himself invisible, he was not that different compared to a human. Both of his hands grasped similar sharp transparent blades, the first was pointing at the sky and the second one at the ground. All of the attacks shot by Hao Yue’s two heads were repelled by the pair of sharp blades, they were simply ineffective against him.

“[Whirlwind Strike]!” Chen Chen bursted out. Each of his hands grasped a fire attributed longsword, and a whirlwind of fire turned around him as he advanced toward the invisible figure.

Li Xin lept up, performing an [Instant Blast Cross Cut]. The two swords in her hands merged together and then separated as a cross in the sky.

Chen Si was a Shield Warrior, an expert at defense. He moved by Long Hao Chen’s side, attempting to help Long Hao Chen by taking a share of the attacks, but from beginning to end, the invisible enemy only attacked Long Hao Chen and no one else.

During this combined frontal assault, the body of this invisible enemy strangely halted, and his body suddenly erupted, emitting a bloody aura that shone with a dark-red color.

The first to be affected was Chen Chen. His [Whirlwind Strike] intersected with this red colored radiance, and with a groaning sound, his [Whirlwind Strike] was stopped and he fell down on the side.

At this time, the difference in Li Xin’s level of cultivation with the rest of the group manifested. With a Bang sound, her pair of swords ruthlessly chopped at that dark red radiance, and although it clearly hit the target head on, this invisible enemy was only shaken a little.

Taking advantage of this little period, the pair of sharp blades in the enemy’s hands became red-colored. His tiptoe danced on the floor, and like a tornado, he sprinted straight for Long Hao Chen with the pair of sharp pointed blades.

An ear-piercing sound bursted out aloud. If one could see the scene from a distant location, he would see that the invisible enemy had become a sort of dark red-colored bolt of lightning.

Long Hao Chen’s complexion did not change the slightest bit; his handsome face was expressionless and his crystal clear golden eyes looked at the enemy very calmly. He did not look like a 14 year old child at all.

Parrying stance, shield held firmly, Long Hao Chen stood there like a stone.

[Divine Obstruction].

Dong–, with a violent noise, Long Hao Chen’s entire body emitted a golden light and the invisible enemy was repelled back into the air.

Long Hao Chen then finally moved his right hand that he did not use at all until that moment. The Light Sword shone with a dazzling light and struck down, a golden radiance appearing simultaneously all around his body and instantly pouring into the Light Sword in his hand.

[Bright Vengeance] and [Light Thorn].

Because his attack had just been blocked, the invisible enemy could not make it in time to block the attack with his dark-red blade.

With a Bang sound, the invisible enemy violently smashed down onto the ground, traces of blood appearing on his face. The ground was completely deformed by his fall.

And at the next instant, a ball that shone like the sun appeared behind his back. Shining a rich golden red light, the force of light and fire fell from the sky.

[Shining Sunlight Strike].

“Aaah–” With a scream, everything stopped for a split second. The invisible enemy’s body was split into two by Li Xin’s [Shining Sunlight Strike], a dark green blood splashed in all directions and this formerly invisible being finally became visible.

Chen Si reacted very quickly. He went by the side of the pale Lin Jia Lu, lifting the shield in his hand and emitting a yellow-colored light to enclose and protecting himself and Lin Jia Lu inside.

“What are you doing?!” Li Xin shouted at Lin Jia Lu.

If Long Hao Chen had waited a little more a moment ago, before obstructing the enemy’s attack against Lin Jia Lu, they would have dealt with this invisible enemy even easier.

Lin Jia Lu was gasping for breath, mouth wide opened. She was shaking in fear, but she finally came back to her senses under the effect of Li Xin’s shouting voice.

“Sis, let it be.” Long hurriedly pulled Li Xin back. The crisis was not completely finished. Who knew if another unexpected enemy could suddenly appear?

Li Xin turned around and looked at Long Hao Chen. She was still completely astonished. Without a doubt, if not for Long Hao Chen’s amazing intervention, Lin Jia Lu would have died.

Although Li Xin was the one who finished off the enemy, Long Hao Chen was the one who resisted his all-out attack. If not for his defense, which was as solid and steady as the Mount Tai, and the [Divine Obstruction] he relied on to wound the enemy using his [Bright Vengeance] combined with his [Light Thorn]. Considering the ability of this invisible demon, there was no way [Shining Sunlight Strike] would have killed him like that.

Chen Si silently said: “We don’t have a priest, so we have no way to use a detection eye skill. If another invisible opponent of this kind reappears, it will really become dangerous. What should we do?”

Lin Jia Lu lowered her head, she was completely ashamed. She was not remarkable at all; what had just happened was too unexpected.

“Little brother Long, my mind is already in disorder, I am not fitting to command you. Either you or Li Xin should lead everyone.”

Li Xin answered without the slightest hesitation: “Hao Chen, take the command.”

Age had never been a criteria in evaluating strength. These two times, it was Long Hao Chen who had discovered the opponent first and prevented everyone from being harmed. Although the others did not know how he did, all of them were absolutely willing to obey his orders.

Long Hao Chen did not decline and silently said: “The enemies must have a special method to detect us. This attack was launched by the Luke clansmen, and right afterwards, we were immediately attacked by this invisible enemy. There were 20 demons from the Luke Clan in addition to this invisible demon coming from the Dike[ref]Di means earth/ground and Ke is a random word. I thought of ‘Dick Clan’ as a westernized name, but was stopped by the proofreaders. I wonder why.[/ref] Clan. We have already killed 21 enemies, so we only have four left to complete the task. The distance from here to the border of the Alliance is quite far and the enemies have already discovered us. They must already know about the failure and will be bound to dispatch another attack against us. We have to leave and prudently retreat to the direction of the Alliance. If we have a chance to complete the task, we’ll take it. But if we don’t, our priority should still be to head back to the Alliance. We need to find how to keep ourselves safe, before thinking about going in battle.

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