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– Long Hao Chen – Protagonist

– Balza – Knight Instructor of Odin Hall. He appears in the story as a Squire Knight of the 10th rank.

– Bai Yue – Hao Chen’s mother.

– Cai’er – The mute girl Hao Chen saves. She gifts him a space ring. She is affiliated with the Assassin Temple. Rumors say that she wants Hao Chen’s baby batter.

– Long Xing Yu – Hao Chen’s teacher.

– Nalan Shu – Hall Master of the Knight Temple of Hao Yue city. A giant fat man.

– Li Xin – A talented knight. She becomes Hao Chen’s “big sis”. She doesn’t know yet that she wants Hao Chen’s baby batter.

– Lin Jia Lu – A talented magician. She is a rival friend of Li Xin, in constant squabbles with her. She is a closeted fan of Hao Chen’s baby batter.

– Ye Hua – Hao Chen’s second teacher. Hard working intelligent man who was cursed with very low inner spiritual talent. Looks like a monster and is constantly grumpy.

– Gui Ying – Turd bag.

– Gui Wu – Goblin’s rectum.

– Hao Yue – Hao Chen’s beast companion.

– Li Ao Xiao – Li Xin’s father. Hao Yue City’s military affairs’ head minister, chief minister of Hao Yue City.

– Lin Yin Jia – Lin Jia Lu’s father. Consulate of Hao Yue City in charge of government affairs.

– Bai Yu – Hall Master of the branch hall of Hao Yue Mage Temple.

– Chun Hua – Hall Master of the branch hall of Hao Yue Warrior Temple.

– Chen Si and Chen Chen – Elite students of the Hao Yue Warrior Temple.

– Feng Yangmu – Supervisor of the Demon Hunt that Hao Chen, Li Xin, Lin Jia Lu, and Chen brothers, took part in. He is a mage from the Mage Temple.

– Lin Xin – A young mage and alchemist Hao Chen met at his first auction visit in Aimei. A glorious beautiful cunning narcissistic bastard.

– Xiao Nuo – Auction attendant at the Aimei auction.

– Xing Xuan – The beautiful auctioneer at the Aimei auction.

– Sima Xian – A physically strong priest from the Priest Temple. He got into a fight with Gui Wu.

– Han Yu – A talented knight who is one of the harder opponents Hao Chen had to face in the competition for the Demon Hunt Selection. Becomes Hao Chen’s retainer knight.

– Han Qian – Highest graded policymaker in the Temple Alliance and secondly only in authority to the Divine Knights. Han Yu’s gramps. Master schemer.

– Yang Wenzhao – The most powerful opponent Hao Chen faced in the competition for the Demon Hunt Selection, and his rival.

– Ying Suifeng – Vice/Auxiliary Hall Master of the Assassin Temple.

– Lin Chen – Gramps of Lin Xin and Vice/Auxiliary Hall Master of the Mage Temple.

– Cardinal Ruoshui – She is the Vice/Auxiliary Hall Master of the Priest Temple.

– Ren Wokuang – Vice/Auxiliary Hall Master of the Warrior Temple.

– Sanshui – Vice/Auxiliary Hall Master of the Spirit Temple.

– Huang Yi – A talented magician from the Mage Temple, and Hao Chen’s opponent in the Demon Hunt Selection Competition.

– Chen Ying’er – Loli summoner. Competitor in the Demon Hunt Selection Competition.

– Wang Yuanyuan – A girl of the Warrior Temple who holds a giant family heirloom shield that is of the Epic Tier. Very talented warrior and Hao Chen’s opponent in the Demon Hunt Selection Competition.

– Ying Fengsui – Cai’er’s guardian?

– Yang Haohan – An elder of the Knight Temple. Hao Chen meets him in the Knight Temple Treasure Vault. He is a throne holder for the Knight Temple.

– Anan – A seventh demon god Long Xing Yu had to fight.

– Bai Xiaomo – A summoner from the Spiritual Temple who fought against Yang Wenzhao in the competition and gave him a good fight.

– Fang Zhu – A summoner from the Spiritual Temple who fought against Cai’er in the competition.

– Liao Yu – A summoner from the Spiritual Temple who fought against Hao Chen in the competition.

– Duan Yi – A knight of the Knight Temple who fought Yang Wenzhao in the competition.

– Mu Ning – An assassin from the Assassin Temple who fights in the quarter-finals of the competition.

– Sheng Yue – Thin elder of the Assassin Temple, and one of the powerhouse of the ninth step.

– Gao Yingjie – A Temple Knight of the seventh step and temporary guardian of Hao Chen’s Demon Hunting Squad in charge of preparing and guiding them for independent function.

– Shi Xiaoxue – She is a talented knight of the Knight Temple. Her mother was a Demon Hunting Squad partner of Gao Yingjie who died, leaving Xiaoxue in his care.

– Sheng Lingxin – Commander in chief of the Exorcist Military District and also the youngest assassin to have reached the step of Assassin King within the whole Alliance.

– Lan Yanyu – She is the leader of the Exorcist City’s mage regiment and hall master of Exorcist City Auxiliary Mage Temple

– Zhang Hairong – Battalion commander of the first battalion where Hao Chen’s squad will operate.

Locations & Political entities:

– Shengmo Dalu – The world the story starts in.

– Temple Alliance – The nation of Humanity making up about a quarter of the continent. It is an alliance of the Knight Temple, the Soldier Temple, the Assassin Temple, the Mage Temple, the Priest Temple and the Spiritual Temple.

– Hao Yue City – A city located at the southern border of the Temple Alliance.

– Town of Odin – One of the bigger villages in the vicinity of Hao Yue City. This is where the protagonist lives with his mother.

– Aimei City – The second most flourishing city in the Temple Alliance.

– Exorcist City – A city at the border between the Human lands and the Demon lands. Exorcist City is run by the Assassin Temple and is constantly defending against waves of Demon armies. It is the first line of defense.

  • kociol

    Long Xing Yu shouldnt have more SE ?? 10000 seems too little, since a earth knight will have 4000. Wasnt it like a single rank of divine knight worth at least 10000 ??

    • yeah, its the strict minimal, I can’t reveal the exact number though, because it would be a big spoiler 😡

  • seahorse

    i’ve only read the manhua so far but is long xing yu his master and is he also his dad?

    • seahorse

      nevermind i just read your translation

  • Kennith McPhee

    Sheng Yue is also a throne holder? I didn’t know Assassins also could have a Devine throne.

    • Not as far as I know ‘.’. Little mistake here, sorry, fixed!

  • MaCcoy

    Baby Batter? Is it what i think it is??
    now the question..

    did the three get his baby batter?

    • Nerurin~Pyon

      Wait, didn’t the author officially paired Cai’er and Hao Chen together?
      [See: T42 – T46 – T52 & especially T53]

      Caier’s profile should be: The mute girl Hao Chen saves. She *Blah* *Blah*. Definitely wants Hao Chen’s baby batter. XD

    • SamVision

      Only one of them got his baby batter, I’ll let you guess which.

  • Godders123

    is cai’er mute or blind?

    • SamVision

      She was mute at first, now she is blind instead. Keep reading to find out why.

      • Godders123

        oh ty

  • Kawaii

    Hello everyone! I will most likely start reading this. I have a question though:

    In the manhua, Cai’er is much stronger than Hao Chen even though they are the same age. This is strange to me since Hao Chen has god-like potential never seen before among the knights. Is this vast difference in strength explained at all in the novel? If so, is it a decent reasoning or was it just bait to make the MC’s wifey yandere with the power to back it?

    • Robin

      Hi, nice that you found your way here. ^^
      Since they never really fight against each other, it is not easy to tell who is a tiny bit stronger than the other one. Cai’er started her training much earlier than Haochen so it is natural that, in the beginning, she is stronger than him. But later on Haochen gets stronger really fast until they are almost head to head strengthwise. So far the explanations in the novel are all sound and the story is far more complex and interesting than portrayed in the manhua.
      I can only recommend to read the novel if you found the manhua appealing. It will open a complete new world to you. 😉

      • Kawaii

        Thank you very much for the quick response! I will give the novel a read, since I’ve really only read good things about it. Thank you for giving me an idea of what to look forward too. I just thought it was strange that someone Hao Chen had to use sacrifice on (an still lose to) would lose in a couple seconds to Cai’er. The training time does make some sense and I’m sure the novel will elaborate even more thanks to your comment.

        • Robin

          Only a short warning, it is highly addictive. ^_^
          The novel is a bit different in some regards and gives more background information than the manhua but I won’t spoil. The manhua’s storyline is somewhat shortened, especially regarding the tournament and development of the characters. I am sure you will enjoy your read. If you have further questions, just voice them. There is always someone ready to help or discuss. 😉