[Wiki] Skills and abilities

Updated at chapter 38.

Knight Temple Skills

First step (Squire Knight):

[Pure-white Edge] – Basic offensive skill.
Attack with 110% damage in melee.

[Thorny Charge] – Basic charging skill.
Charge in a straight line.

Second step (Standard Knights):

[Instant Blast Cross Cut] – Offensive skill used by Retribution Knights.
Cross sword melee attack.

[Bright Blessing] – Support skill used by Guardian Knights and Long Xing Yu.
(effect revealed later in the story)

Third step (Genuine Knights):

[Lightning Thrust] – Charging skill used by both specializations.
Withdrawing sacred power from the body, one can condense it into a blade to attack enemies. The attacking distance and power are proportional to one’s own level of spiritual energy.

[Light Thorn/Thrust] – First skill at range learned by knights.

[Shining Sunlight Strike] – Offensive skill used by Retribution Knights. Most powerful skill of the fourth step.

[Heavenly Battle Array] – Offensive skill used by Retribution Knights
Draws support from the particular holy light of the knight and takes the shape of a layer of light with an effect similar to an all-out defense formed of spiritual energy.

[Divine Light Mantle] – 3rd step defensive skill used by Guardian Knights.
Creates a mantle made of light that isolates an area in its range.

Fourth step (Grand Knight):

[Ability to externalize the internal spiritual energy]

[Holy Mantle] – 4th step defensive skill used by Guardian Knights.
Creates a mantle made of light that isolates an area and has a healing effect in its range.

Fifth step (Earth Knight):

Sixth step(Radiant knights):

[Divine Obstruction] – skill used by both specializations, signature skill of Radiant Knights.
It enhances one’s defense to become like an iron rock so that only attacks that exceed the defensive power of the skill can break through it.

Seventh step (Temple Knight):

[Brilliant Body] – signature skill of Temple Knights
Turns a portion of their body into light. In this form, the holy attribute spiritual energy they could use would double. The higher is one’s cultivation level, the longer [Brilliant Body] can last.

At the ninth rank, a Temple Knight can use a [Complete Brilliant Body]
It is a [Brilliant Body] that can turn one’s whole body into something similar to a crystal.

Eighth step (Saint Knight):

Ninth step (Divine Knight):
[Judgement] – Divine knight skill

[Salvation] – Divine knight skill, AOE healing skill.

Warrior Temple

First step:

[Heavy Chop] – Basic skill, equivalent of the Knights’ [Pure-white Edge]

Mage Temple:

First step:

[Ice Ball] – Basic skill, used by mage

Second step:
[Ice Mantle] – 2nd step mage skill
[Ice Edge] – 2nd step mage skill
[Ice Cone] – 2nd step mage skill

Third step:
[Ice Ring] – a close combat skill

[Ice Cage] – mage skill

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