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(last updated: chapter 30)

In Shen Yin Wang Zuo, there are six Temples and thus six human vocations.

These Temples belong to the Temple Alliance, an Alliance that has reunited them to fight together against the biggest threat for the humanity, a threat that already slaughtered most humans, the demon race.

These Temples are: The Knight Temple, the Warrior Temple, the Assassin Temple, the Mage Temple, the Priest Temple and the Spiritual Temple.

Let’s see in depth what we already know about these Temples and the vocations that come together.

1) Knight Temple

They have a powerful attack as well as a solid defense, making them a good overall vocation.

The Knight Temple is the leader of the six Temples.

Knights are generally trained and taught in the Knight Halls that are in several cities of the Temple Alliance. They can use physical abilities, but also magical abilities: holy magic (after Sacred Awakening).

One is recognized as a Knight after he reaches the 3rd step of his vocation, the step of Genuine Knights. People who train but have not reached the 3rd step yet are considered like knights-in-training, and are of course not qualified at all to fight against the demon race.

The vocation of knight has two branches: Retribution Knight and Guardian Knight. Retribution Knights are specialized in attack and Guardian Knights are specialized in defense.
There are nine steps in the vocation and ten ranks exist for each of them.

a) Retribution Knight
-They have the greatest offensive power in the Alliance.
-They learn particular offensive holy arts.

b) Guardian Knight
-Pillar of the team in fights.
-90% of knights choose to become Guardian Knights.
-They learn particular assisting and recovery holy arts.

A Genuine Knight can also summon a mount that fights together with him. Mounts are magical beasts that fight together with their master, and can be acquired in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

More details on each step.

a) First step: Squire Knight
A future knight has to start his training very young, and when he is eight years-old, he will have to pass an examination, the Squire Knight Examination, if he wants to continue in this path. To pass it, he has to reach the 10th spiritual energy level, and to make that possible, these future knights are given Elemental Training Liquid that is supposed to help their spiritual energy to grow. As a squire knight, he will train for several years before taking the examination that will enable him to become a Standard Knight, if he has the requirements for that.

b) Second step: Standard Knight
A Standard Knight trains generally in a Knight Hall, with the goal of becoming a Genuine Knight. It can be either a Main Hall like in the main cities of the Temple Alliance or a Sub Hall like in the city of Hao Yue.

b) Third step: Genuine Knight
A Genuine Knight has to undergo the Sacred Awakening that will enable him to unlock his internal spiritual energy, and its development is something innate, the more his innate internal spiritual energy is high, the bigger his potential will be.

2) Warrior Temple

Warriors are specialized on close-quarter combat, and use physical abilities.

The first one who appears in the story is Luo Sai Hu, the first person Long Hao Chen ever killed.

3) Mage Temple

Mages are long-ranged combatants, that use magical abilities.

Mages use magical spells in their element of mastery, and have their magical enchanted equipments, just like knights have their magical beast mount.

The three other temples are more mysterious, we don’t have much information about them yet.

4) Assassin Temple

They seem to have strange training methods.

5) Priest Temple

They have the skill [Eyes of Truth] to detect enemies.

They can heal wounded allies.

They are most likely a support vocation.

6) Spiritual Temple

The most unpopulated Temple.

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